‘The Good Doctor’ star reveals he’s ‘still getting used to’ playing the Doctor

The “The Good Doctors” star revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he’s still getting used, but said that it’s still a challenge for him to adapt to the new role.

“I’ve been doing it for eight years,” Matt Smith told the publication.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for it, but it’s a challenge.

I’m not used to playing the character.

I mean, I think it’s cool.

I love playing it.”

When asked if the Doctor would ever retire, Smith said, “Not necessarily, no.

I think the Doctor is a character that is still very much in our blood.

You know, he’s always got that, so he’s very much a part of our hearts and our souls.

He still means a lot to us, and we’ll see what happens.”

The show, which is set to return for its second season this spring, also explored the possibility of returning to Doctor Who as a guest star in a new episode, but Smith said he didn’t think it would be necessary.

“If you think about the fact that we have a lot more characters that we could bring back to the show, that would be great, but I think there’s just not that much more time,” Smith said.

“It would be wonderful, but there’s a ton of other things that I’m trying to do.”

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