How physiotherapy can help prevent heart attacks, strokes and stroke complications

Perth’s primary prevention physiotherapists have found it can help improve the quality of life of patients suffering from the heart attack and stroke.

Key points:Physiotherapy can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and strokeIt can also improve outcomes of the heart treatment treatment and can reduce your chances of dying from the diseaseSource: Perth Primary Prevention AssociationThe Perth Primary prevention Association has released new guidance to primary prevention doctors to make a case for physiotherapy as a treatment for cardiovascular disease.

The WAPPA’s guidelines recommend primary prevention practitioners use the evidence-based, non-judgmental, non‑controversial methods of physiotherapy they can find in the local community and apply them to patients with cardiovascular disease, stroke and other cardiovascular disorders.

Primary prevention physiologists are now required to have a training in cardiac physiology and exercise science.

The group of primary prevention and rehabilitation physiotherAPPA says the guidelines also provide guidance for physiotherapeutic practices in the wider community.

The new guidelines are aimed at physiotherapplicants who have primary prevention, cardiac rehabilitation and/or orthopaedic care.

The aim is to increase awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy for patients suffering cardiac or cardiovascular diseases.

They also provide a practical guideline for the practice of physiotracheal therapy.

“Physiotherapeutics has been around for thousands of years and there are many therapies and treatments that have been developed in this area, but it is clear that we have a long way to go,” Perth Primary Preventative Association (PPA) president Chris McGinty said.

“We have a number of therapies that are not proven to be effective in terms of their safety and efficacy.”

It’s very important to get the facts on the table.

“As we continue to improve our understanding of how to best treat our patients, we need to be able to offer our patients the best possible care.”

The WAPA’s new guidelines include a section on how to manage your own practice and whether you should use a trained physiotherapist.

They state that “physiotherapistic treatment should be used in conjunction with lifestyle and health promotion strategies to reduce the impact of the disease on your practice.”

“If you are planning to practice physiotherapy for the first time, you should check to make sure that the physiotheraphysician who is performing your treatment has received a qualified clinical training in this field,” the guidelines state.

“If the physiotherapy is not appropriate for you, you can discuss it with your clinician, but there is no obligation to do so.”

Some of the key components to a good physiotheracist include: a passion for the treatment, a keen interest in the treatment and a commitment to making a difference.

“The guidelines recommend that physiotheracists be “physically and mentally fit”.

They also state that the following factors should be considered when assessing a physiotheraedic practice:”If your practice is being considered for a licence, it’s best to apply for the licence within a year of completing your first physiotherapy session.”

To qualify for a licensed physiotheraing practitioner you must have at least five years’ experience and have a general understanding of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal medicine.”

Primary prevention practitioners are currently required to complete an internship at a university before starting practice.

However, the WAPAA has now added a requirement for an additional six months of physioanalytical training before a practice licence can be granted.

“There’s a very strong case that there are clinical trials and clinical trials are important for all practitioners,” PPA president Chris McGee said.

“We want to see evidence that shows that physiotherapy and its benefits outweighs its risks.”

A primary prevention practitioner is not just a physiotherapy practitioner, they’re also a member of a practice team that’s responsible for supporting the health and wellbeing of their patients.

“They’re part of the community, they want to be a part of a good community, and they need to have the knowledge to do that.”

If you or someone you know needs a physioanalyst, please call 1300 951 987 or visit the PPA’s website:

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