How to help a struggling physiotherapy patient with their symptoms

CARRINGTON physiotherapy centre has announced it is opening a new physiotherapy equipment store in Melbourne, offering more physiotherapy kits, treatment and equipment.

The new shop, which will be located at Carrington’s new office, will be able to stock physiotherapy and massage equipment and will be open until September.

The move comes after a three-year period of running a physiotherapy business on the premises, where patients could get treatments from a doctor, nurse or registered nurse.

“Our focus is on being able to provide our customers with the best physiotherapy in the market,” said Dr Peter Tait, senior director of operations at Carlington.

“We’re delighted to be able bring this expertise to Carrington to provide physiotherapy to patients in the CBD.”

He said the centre would be a key part of the new Carrington CBD physiotherapy precinct, where it will house a new medical centre, a new physical therapy clinic and a new retail centre.

The clinic will open in early 2018 and will also offer physiotherapy training and workshops for local residents.

The hospital has been operating on the site for more than a decade and said it would be an ideal location for its new clinic, which would have a long-term lease on the building.

Carrington Hospital general manager of operations and public affairs, James MacDougall, said the new clinic was part of a long list of new physiotherapeutic facilities being developed by the hospital, which is committed to supporting the health of patients.

“There’s a lot of work being done on the physical therapy side,” Mr MacDougal said.

“It’s a very large physical therapy facility with a lot more space for patients and a lot to offer patients.”

We are also continuing to invest in our other clinical services, and we’re committed to providing patients with a high-quality physiotherapy facility.

The hospital is committed, in fact, to the future,” he said.

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