How to live a healthy, productive life with a passion for physiotherapy

A physiotherapist working in a small hospital in the southern German town of Kassenvertraub is in a desperate situation after the hospital suddenly shut its doors in February, with the hospital’s chief medical officer saying she couldn’t get any work.

Kassenverraub has one physiotherapy clinic, and the clinic is located on the premises of a hospital, but when the hospital closed its doors and reopened only a few days later, there were no new employees, the local press reported.

The news made headlines across Germany, and doctors from the hospital told the daily newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung that it was “extremely difficult to find new staff.”

On February 6, the clinic reopened with a new medical director, but after a week, there was no one available to take over the job, the hospital said.

“The hospital was in a state of crisis, we could not find any staff to work in the clinic,” the hospital director told the newspaper.

“In addition, we cannot even find a way to find another doctor to help the patient.”

Kassensopium hospital is one of the largest in Germany, with approximately 3,500 patients and more than 300 outpatient facilities.

It is the only one in the country that has closed its clinic in the wake of a closure of the hospital in September.

Kassela Fuchs, a physiotherapist who works in the emergency department of the Kassenverreub hospital, told the news magazine Der Spiegel that the hospital had had “a very hard time” finding doctors to take care of the patients.

“We could not even find new doctors to work there,” she said.

“This is a hospital with a large number of patients.

The patient population is small.”

When the clinic was closed, the staff had no other choice but to go back to the hospital, Fuchs said.

The clinic is not alone.

Doctors from the Kassensopum Hospital in Bavaria and other hospitals in Germany have also been left in a “very difficult” situation.

In October, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Psychiatry in Munich reported that nearly 300 patients had left the hospital because of lack of employment.

A number of German medical centers have also closed their doors in the past two months, with at least one hospital in Munich closing its doors.KASSENVERRADERSAUTENSPORTKASSENSOPIUM MEDICAL CENTERKassenerspium Hospital in Kassen-Verraub, Germany, is the largest hospital in Germany with about 1,000 patients.

(AP Photo/Alkis Konstantinidis)Doctors and nurses say the situation has reached a crisis level.

Kasich Wilhelm Institute spokesman Christian Eberl told the Süddeutsche Zeitung: “The situation in Germany is absolutely serious, and there is no way out.

The government has been very active in promoting the medical profession.

There is no doubt that the situation is dire.”

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average annual wage in Germany for a physiotherapy doctor is around $90,000, while an outpatient doctor in Germany makes $72,000.

The average salary for a nurse in Germany has also fallen by more than 30 percent since the recession started in 2009.

In a statement, the German Medical Association (DGB) said that the problem has worsened in recent years, with an estimated 15 percent of doctors leaving the profession.

The association said that if the situation continues, the number of people leaving the country will rise to about 100,000 by 2020.

It also called on the government to boost the number and quality of training for medical professionals, and for health insurance companies to offer more help to patients.

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