The latest from the U.S. in a war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria: The New York Times

By Amy HolmesNovember 12, 2020, 7:09:50Today, as President Donald Trump prepares to launch a broadside against the global terror group that’s wreaked havoc on the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran has come to the rescue of an Iranian-American doctor who’s been under threat from ISIS since early November.

Dr. Hoshyar Zebari, a U.N. doctor who runs the NIA’s Iran unit, was the subject of an FBI investigation in July 2018, according to U.K.-based human rights group Reprieve, and has been under investigation since late December.

Zebari was accused of practicing medicine in Iran, despite the fact that the U,N.

recognizes only the Islamic republic of Iran, according the group.

Zebaris medical license expired in 2016 and has since been renewed twice, but it is unclear how long his license was valid.

Zabari has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and called for an investigation into the FBI’s investigation, saying that it’s a tactic designed to destroy him, according an Associated Press report.

Zabi has denied the allegations and has claimed that his organization is “an international medical organization dedicated to protecting human rights and protecting the rights of all people, regardless of their religion, race or nationality.”

Zebaris case has attracted global attention as the U the UNA, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iran and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have stepped up their efforts to combat the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq.

The group also recently joined a global effort to create an international coalition to fight ISIS, including by creating the Islamic Global Coalition.

Zemraddan Zabari, whose father is a UNA doctor, and Hoshyuar Zabri are part of the team that created the coalition, according a statement on the organization’s website.

The UNA said Zebaris actions have “strengthened the fight against ISIS” and that he is “a true hero.”

Zabri was also among those who have called for Trump to launch airstrikes against ISIS.

He is also the chairman of the Uneas Coordinating Council, which promotes “resolving differences through dialogue” and is a member of the UN General Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

Zevran Zabarian, the Unaas co-founder and a medical doctor who is also an Iranian national, said Zabarari’s decision to leave Iran “is the result of the fact of his political opposition and his desire to protect his family and his country.”

In addition to Zebiri, several other Iranian-Americans who have left the country for the UTA are being investigated, according of Reprieve.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the investigation was a “political attack against Iranian people.”

“The Iranian regime has targeted and prosecuted individuals who are not affiliated with any political party and are in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iran,” it added.

The FBI and the U of N have said that Zebirani was a doctor at a Tehran hospital, and that Zabiri was a member in good standing of the Iranian National Committee of Medicine.

He has also claimed that Zobari was a witness against him in a terrorism trial in Tehran, according Reprieve’s report.

The U.s investigation has also drawn criticism from the American Medical Association, which said that it was “appalled” by the allegations against Zebri.

The association called for Zebrari to return to Iran to face the charges, but that it had no comment about his case.

Reprieve said it has been seeking Zebiris release since January.

The organization said Zobri’s case is “the latest in a long line of Iranian authorities’ efforts to silence the very voices that they claim to represent.”

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