How to get the right therapy at home in Calgary

CERTAIN PEOPLE IN CERTFORD, N.B., have been told to expect a rude awakening after their physiotherapist told them to expect to see them in the hospital.

Dr. Mark Dabrosian said some patients in his care have been left waiting in the ER for days after they’ve been admitted, and he has seen a rise in ER visits.

“We’re seeing people that have been out of the hospital for weeks, and they’re being left there in the waiting room, and it’s causing a lot of anxiety and a lot that’s negative, which is really frustrating,” Dabroisian said.

He says the new policy, which came into effect Thursday, was not only about ensuring patients are discharged safely but also giving people the option of getting the therapy at their own home.

“That’s the only option that we’re providing in this case, but we’re also providing the option to go home,” he said.

“People are not going to get in the back of a van or pick up a bag and drive down the street.”

He says he’s been seeing a few patients who were in hospital for days when their doctors told them the therapy would be ready in about a week.

“They were told to get home as soon as possible, and we were told that’s not going happen.

So they had to go back to the ER and come back to me and I said, ‘What’s the point?

It’s going to take another week,'” he said, adding that it has been challenging for many patients.”

It’s a very stressful situation, because they’re in the intensive care unit, they’ve got a big, swollen chest and they haven’t been able to breathe, and there’s nothing they can do about it.”

So we’re really concerned about them,” he added.

Dr Dabrotian says he and his team are in talks with the hospital and is hoping to have the protocol finalized by Friday.

He’s concerned about the potential of patients dying in the process, and said it is not an easy situation.”

I have people who have come back with a ruptured spleen, they have a heart attack, and I’ve seen a couple of people die in my clinic,” he explained.”

What’s going on in my facility, I’ve never seen anything like that before, and that’s why I think it’s such a concern, because there’s a high likelihood of that happening.

“Dabrotion said his patients, who are not on the waiting list for the procedure, are being given a chance to get off the waiting lists, but it is important to note that the patient’s health is not guaranteed.”

This is the way to do it, but you need to take that into consideration.

I want to make sure that we are safe and we’re not exposing anybody to risk,” he stressed.

Dabroysan said the new system will only apply to people with a current or prior diagnosis of COPD, which can affect breathing and heart rhythm.”

In most cases, if you have COPD you don’t need to get this treatment.

You can get this without having COPD.

You just need to have it,” he advised.

Daborosian also said the policy will help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to help people who might be at high risk for it, because the disease does not appear to be prevalent in the province.

The province also announced it will expand its immunisation program to allow people over the age of 25 to receive the vaccine.

It also announced new funding to improve healthcare and support for people with disabilities.

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