Butler: I am not a nurse, but I am in favour of nurse-led care

Butler says he has been involved in a number of clinical trials with patients who are in need of physiotherapy and that he is willing to continue to work with those patients if they require it.

He says he wants to be involved in the health system as a nurse and wants to help patients find their way out of the hospital.

He said he had not received any formal support from the state yet.

He has also raised the issue of whether he should be allowed to work as a consultant physiotherapist for the state.

He is currently on leave while the commission reviews the contract he signed with the state last year.

“I am not an assistant doctor.

I am just an experienced doctor and I want to continue with my practice in this state.

This is what I want,” he said.

He will be joining other physiotherapists in the state who have been on leave since January 2017.

He had worked as a medical doctor and he had been a consultant for the previous two years.

“I don’t think I should be in the hospital anymore,” he told The Times.

“My aim is to stay in this hospital and I will do whatever I can to ensure that the patients in my care are happy.”

He has received support from colleagues, including the Medical Council of India, but he has not received a formal endorsement.

He claims he is a good doctor and that the medical community has not been supportive of him.

He has also met senior leaders in the medical profession who have backed him, and has been contacted by many others who have followed his path.

When asked if he is worried about the future of the profession, Butler said he would be open to change.

“This is my profession and I can’t go anywhere,” he replied.

“The future of this profession depends on me and the people that I care about.

It is not about me and I am willing to change as much as I can.

I am very excited about the work that I am doing.

I think I can do a lot of good.

I feel like I can help the community and help the patients.”

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