Why does the world’s top 10 hospitals care about their patients’ health?

Anu P.K. Anu, a professor at the National University of Singapore, has a theory.

She has been studying the global health system for decades.

In the 1970s, when she was a graduate student at the University of Oxford, she studied the relationship between hospitals and health systems.

She noticed that, even when governments took the lead in addressing the health needs of citizens, they tended to focus on the short-term and focused on short-run outcomes, rather than long-term health.

She wondered if hospitals could do something similar to address the short run health needs and the long-run health needs.

So she started researching.

She began looking at the role hospitals played in helping patients in need.

In 1998, she founded a consultancy called AnuPhi.

Anua is the company that today is responsible for designing and providing care for patients and their families.

She said she wanted to bring a global perspective to this issue, not only in her work with AnuPsi, but in her life.

Anurag Sharma is a former journalist, currently a health and human rights researcher.

He is also an associate professor at New York University’s Graduate School of Journalism and a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

He spoke with Marketplace Chief Business and Technology Officer Samira Ahmed about Anu’s work, why the health care industry is interested in short- and long-range outcomes, and how the health system has come to focus so much on short term.

Marketplace: You started Anu and your company as an extension of the University’s medical school.

What was your idea to start a health care consultancy?

Anu: We were a bit surprised by the fact that the United States, which has been a leader in developing health care solutions for decades, is now trying to do the same.

In 2002, we started our consultancy and started providing care to our patients.

We were able to expand quickly to do other types of services that are not medical in nature, and also help to increase the quality of care.

In 2003, we expanded to help hospitals in developing countries.

Today, we are one of the world leaders in providing health care services.

So we’re able to provide health care to a very large number of people, but we also help hospitals, nursing homes, and other health facilities.

Sharma: What kind of services do you offer?

Anua: Well, we have many different kinds of services.

For example, in the United Kingdom, we offer health services, like medical care, dental care, vision care, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, etc. We offer many different types of treatment, and we also provide the same services to all different types and types of people.

In India, we help people who have been diagnosed with various kinds of conditions.

We have many types of cancer treatment, we provide medical and dental care for people who are suffering from various diseases, we also treat people who can’t manage their own health, we do a lot of rehabilitation. Sharma

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