How to become a physiotherapist

By Emily BresnahanThe ABC’s senior health correspondentEmily Bresnehan has travelled across Australia and New Zealand to find out how to become an orthopaedic physiotheracist.

“The goal is to be able to deliver high-quality physiotherapy to patients and to help them recover from the surgery,” she says.

“And physiotherapy is the only way to do that in Australia and in New Zealand.”

Ms Bresnan spent time with a number of local orthopeds, including a team at the University of Melbourne.

“I’m very keen to have a look at some of the different physiotherapeutic techniques, particularly the orthopod technique, and also see what we can learn from different parts of the world,” she said.

“But the one thing I really wanted to do was to find a school that was teaching physiotherapy in this type of way, which is really exciting.”

What you need to know about orthopnea orthopneumonia is a serious, life-threatening condition that can cause life-long pain.

It’s often caused by a blockage in a blood vessel that carries oxygen to the body.

“You can get this blockage and it can cause a lot of problems with your blood flow,” Ms Bresnian said.

A typical physiotherapy appointment at a physiotherapy clinic.

The ABC understands some schools do not offer physiotherapy as an option.

“Some of them have no access to physiotherapy and they’re doing something else, like a massage therapy program,” she explained.

“It can be quite frustrating for parents and it’s very, very frustrating for doctors.”

Physiotherapy is very safe and you can really learn a lot from it, so you can do a lot more and it doesn’t have the potential for a lot to come out of it.””

So I think it’s an excellent option for schools to consider.

“The ABC visited the University Of Melbourne to meet with the physiotheracists and the staff who run the school.”

We wanted to find the best schools that could offer this type, which we could see how the schools were actually offering it,” Ms Bransna said.

The University of Manchester School of Physiotherapy was a favourite of the ABC’s staff.

It offered physiotherapy at a low cost and it was also able to train a large number of graduates.”

There was a real sense of community,” Ms Boaz said.


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