The biggest names in Northview physiotherapists

Brampton, Ont.

– The largest and most prestigious physiotherapy network in North America, Northview has a strong presence in Toronto, a city with the highest concentration of orthopedic surgeons in Canada.

But the network is also home to some of the biggest names, including Dr. Robert Thompson, a respected orthopedist who has worked in Northridge, in suburban Toronto, for 30 years.

Thompson says that he is a bit of a celebrity in North View physiotherapy because of his success with the network and because he has been treated at the centre by a Northview physio in the past.

“You’ve got to be a bit careful, but I’m pretty well respected in the Northview network,” Thompson said.

“It’s one of the most prestigious practices in North Park, which is an area that’s pretty underserved by orthopedics.”

Thompson, a former orthopedical surgeon and a board member of the North View Physiotherapy Association, says his practice, which has about 50 members, is known for its strong relationships with the community and its professional support.

But he admits that it is also a business.

“Physiotherapy is a business, and there are certain aspects of it that I’ve always tried to make it a little more socially acceptable,” he said.

“One of those things is having a little bit more professionalism, where if you’re being very rude or disrespectful or whatever, then you’ll probably be out of a job.”

The business model Northview is known as is based on a five-year plan, which includes a program that involves a four-day internship program, a two-week fellowship, and a three-week residency program.

But in the last five years, Thompson says the number of orthopaedic surgeries has increased significantly, while his practice has grown in size.

“We’re getting to the point where we’ve got a lot more people here who are willing to pay for our services,” he added.

“We’ve seen a lot of people, both on and off the street, who are able to pay and want to see us.”

The network also offers programs in other areas, such as massage, massage therapy, acupuncture, massage nutrition, and chiropractic.

Thompson says the network also provides medical and dental advice to patients who are looking for a health-care provider who will help them find a doctor, therapist or chiropractor.

Thompson said he is happy that the North Park orthopeds have become a good place to live.

“I’ve got three kids who are getting good educations,” he laughed.

“There’s no reason why they should be at a place where they’re going to be bullied.

We have an educated population.

There’s no excuse for them to be in the place they’re at right now.”

Dr. John McGeever is the head of Northview’s orthopedically-trained team.

He says the success of North View’s network, which he credits with helping him get a job, is due to the community involvement that the network has brought to the profession.

“It’s an incredibly valuable resource that has really enabled us to do our job,” McGever said.

But some of that support comes at the cost of the people who are using it, he added, adding that the people that work in NorthView are “the people that are going to keep Northview going, and the ones who are going in the right direction.”

“It has always been about the community.

It’s about the people and it’s about making sure that people are getting the services they need,” McNeil said.

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