Which doctors in the United States are on the front lines of treating breast cancer?

Medical students in the U.S. are facing an uncertain future as their careers come to an end.

They are increasingly competing with graduates for jobs and are struggling to maintain a decent standard of care as the health care industry has become a global business.

But a group of Israeli doctors has a solution: they are creating a virtual clinic where they will provide quality breast cancer treatment online and at home.

Their company, Dr. Avigdor Cohen’s Virtual Clinic, has partnered with Tel Aviv University to create a digital platform for its patients to be treated in a virtual setting, in a way that will offer them better quality of care.

Dr. Cohen is an osteopathic surgeon who has specialized in treating breast cancers for more than 25 years.

The doctor has been in the Israeli medical field for more then 20 years, working in hospitals in Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The new platform, Drs.

Cohen and Golan Hossain, is the brainchild of the Israeli-American doctor, who is also a member of the board of the National Institutes of Health.

They plan to open their clinic to the public in the next six months.

The platform will allow doctors to provide personalized treatment to their patients, and will be managed through a virtual office, according to Dr. Hossad.

The doctor hopes the new platform will help people in Israel to have better access to quality care, and to have their treatments made available to them in a convenient manner.


Hrossad and Cohen, both from the Medical University of South Carolina, have been working on the platform since 2015.

They have already created the virtual clinic, and they plan to expand their program over the next year, as they continue to grow their business.

“We are very excited to work with Tel Aviv University, the world leader in the field of osteopathic medicine,” said Dr. Cohen.

“It is a natural fit.

We will use Tel Aviva’s expertise and technology, which has become quite the success story for us, to build on the technology and to provide the best possible service.”

The virtual office will allow patients to choose their doctor, and it will also be connected to their own computer, allowing them to view the doctor’s care history, see their progress over time and have their data saved for future reference.

Dr Cohen said the company hopes the virtual platform will provide a new avenue of communication for its users, which is the primary purpose of their service.

“The first goal is to give the patients the opportunity to have a dialogue with their doctors, who will be able to provide advice, and that will ultimately improve their quality of life,” Dr. Keren Tzur, Dr Cohen’s assistant professor of clinical and clinical oncology, told the Post.

Dr Hossan said the virtual office is also designed to help patients manage their care.

“It will allow us to provide a personalized care, a tailored approach to each patient’s care.

The physicians will be working together in the virtual space, which will give them the best opportunity to provide best care to their patient,” Dr Hossany said.”

I think it’s very exciting that it is happening here in Israel,” Dr Tzu said.

“There is a great opportunity here to develop and expand our partnership and to create new business opportunities for our patients.”

The platform is still in its early stages, and there is no set time frame for when it will be operational.

Dr Hrossa said that Drs Hossa and Hosson would need to finalize the software platform’s requirements by the end of March.

The medical school and the hospital are currently looking for applicants.

Dr Tzuhot also expressed excitement at the possibility of establishing a virtual medical center, and he expects it to become a key component of his patients’ care.

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