How to treat heart attack in turkey

What is physiotherapy?

When you need to ease pain, it’s important to understand how to control pain and the mechanisms of how the body reacts to it.

There are a few different treatments that can help to manage your symptoms.

You may have tried a few treatments, but they may not be working.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, your doctor may want to investigate.

If the problem is caused by your heart, the surgeon may have to repair your heart or remove the blockage to get your heart pumping.

But for a lot of people, the most common type of heart attack is called coronary artery disease.

If your heart has a blocked artery, it can be hard to feel your pulse.

This is called a bradycardia episode, which means your heart beats too fast.

You might have a sudden sharp pulse, and the chest feels like you’re being pushed to the side.

This can be a sign that your heart is not working well.

This may be because the artery is blocked, or because it’s blocked due to a clot, a condition in which blood is clogged.

The person who has a coronary artery can have trouble breathing or feeling their pulse.

You can also feel the blood flow to your heart in your chest.

This blood flow can make it hard for you to feel any pain, which can cause chest pain.

Your doctor may also want to look at how your blood pressure changes during and after a heart attack.

Your heart muscle is normally attached to the ventricles of your heart.

If one of the ventricular valves is blocked and the heart stops pumping properly, the ventral valve of the heart may stop working properly as well.

These ventricular valve blocks can block blood flow in the area of the valve where the heart is pumping blood.

This blockage may also be causing you to have chest pain and stiffness.

Sometimes your heart can get so weak that you have a heart murmur, which is when your heart muscle contractions so much that they can’t pump enough blood to your body.

The heart muscle can also stop working in people with heart disease or if they’re in high blood pressure.

Sometimes, the heart can also block blood supply to the blood vessels in your arteries, which causes your heart to swell and you to bleed.

A person who’s suffering from a heart disease may have problems breathing because they have a blocked valve.

If this happens, it means your blood is being drawn from the lungs, which creates more pressure on your heart and leads to a buildup of blood in your blood vessels.

This buildup of pressure can cause heart attacks and stroke.

When your heart attacks, it may not take much to cause problems for you.

Sometimes it’s not so obvious that you’ve had an attack.

If it does, you may feel your chest start to hurt.

This could be a symptom of heart disease, or it could be the result of other health problems, such as high blood sugar or diabetes.

If a heart valve blockage doesn’t appear to be affecting your heart well enough, your chest pain may be related to the condition called hypercapnia, which occurs when your blood volume increases.

Hypercapnia can also cause you to be unable to feel the heartbeat.

If both symptoms appear, your heart may start to slow down.

When a heart is slowed down, it slows down in the blood and the muscles that supply it.

This slows down your heart rate, which also slows down blood flow.

The faster your heart slows down, the less blood you can pump into your body, which makes it hard to pump oxygen into your heart when you’re tired.

If an attack happens suddenly, it often is a symptom that the heart isn’t getting enough blood flow, which leads to more blockage of the valves that allow blood to flow to the heart.

When the heart does get enough blood, the valves can be blocked.

You also may have trouble feeling your pulse, which may be due to blood clotting in your heart that causes it to slow.

This also may be a result of high blood glucose levels.

If either of these symptoms occur, your surgeon may want a chest X-ray or a CT scan.

This test shows which parts of the body are affected and which parts are healthy.

The doctor may ask you to rest for a few minutes and will look for any damage to your chest, or your heart muscles.

The X-rays or CT scan can be done at home, but if you’re going to go to the hospital, you might want to do it at home as well, as the doctor will have more experience doing chest X and CT scans.

There’s also a chest x-ray that can be taken after a surgery, when the doctor wants to check your chest for damage.

The chest x is done by a machine that measures your chest to make sure the walls of your chest are normal and not blocked by a blockage.

The machine can measure how your heart

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