Why do some women still feel the need to have surgery?

The answer may not be so simple.

The article also discusses the need for men to take part in research into prostate cancer.

As well as being part of the NHS, the prostate is also a major employer in the UK.

But as a doctor, you have to take a keen interest in prostate health, said Dr Chris Hodge, from University College London, who is part of a team that is studying prostate cancer in men.

It’s very difficult to get your foot in the door, Dr Hodge said.

And for some men, the risk of being diagnosed is too great.

There is also an urgent need for more research into the effects of prostate cancer treatment on men.

“We are working on some very exciting new research on the effects on men of prostate surgery, including the possible reduction in the risk to men with prostate cancer,” Dr Hodges said.

“But there are also many people who have cancer that they don’t want to get it, and so they’re doing surgery.”

It’s all very frustrating and it’s very worrying, he said.

Dr Hodge and his team are looking at ways to reduce the risk, like better monitoring of the prostate’s function, better control of prostate tumours, and treating the condition with therapies that are safe for men.

In a recent study, Dr Andrew Jones, from the National Institute for Health Research, showed that the surgery was safe for most men and even better for men who were already in good health.

This is something that’s been a bit of a surprise to me, said Professor Simon Taylor, from Imperial College London.

“It’s not always clear to me how it is that men who are having surgery are going to get better, and when you see the outcomes of surgery in other populations, I think that it is important that we have more data on that,” he said .

The University of Cambridge is also studying the effects surgery has on men, and is looking at how it affects prostate cancer and other cancers.

Professor Taylor said the findings from the Cambridge study should be looked at in more detail by the NHS and other health services.

If there are any men who have surgery, then the NHS is always there to help them.

We know that prostate cancer is a serious disease, so it’s important that men are getting the help they need, he added.

Some men are concerned that the NHS will not support them.

Dr Taylor said it was not just about prostate cancer, but other diseases that are associated with the condition.

“For example, there is evidence that smoking has a very significant impact on prostate cancer risk, but it’s also been suggested that men with cardiovascular disease are at a higher risk,” he explained.

Men have been told that men can stop smoking if they take part, but the NHS doesn’t actually have data that proves it.

“It may be that they are doing it for other reasons, and the data that we do have is not very good, so I think there’s a need for that to be looked into,” Dr Taylor said.

Read more about prostate Cancer:What is prostate cancer?

A study published in the Lancet on Thursday found that the risk was the same for men and women with the same prostate cancer diagnosis.

About one in four people will develop prostate cancer at some stage, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

But for men, it can be a different story.

Most men diagnosed with prostate or colon cancer will not live more than 15 years, according the NCI.

In men, a more recent study found that men diagnosed between the ages of 50 and 59 who have been diagnosed with a prostate cancer are four times more likely to die from the disease than those diagnosed between 50 and 64.

Researchers at Imperial College said the study was “extremely encouraging” and that there is “significant potential for future research to explore whether surgical treatment can improve the outcomes for men with the disease”.

The study found it was possible to increase survival rates for those with prostate disease, but only if the men stopped smoking.

Research also suggested that it may be possible to prevent the disease in men who had a previous prostate cancer or had had it before.

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