The most important part of the Edinburgh University study

In January of 2018, the University of Edinburgh’s Biomedical Engineering Research Unit (BERU) announced the results of a new study that examined the effectiveness of physiotherapy in treating some of the most common injuries suffered by football players.

The study looked at the effects of using two different types of devices on the muscles of the knee, ankle, and knee extensor, as well as the muscles around the muscles and ligaments that make up the ligaments of the ankles and knees.

In the study, participants were instructed to use a device called the Patella Stretching System (PSS) to stretch the muscles in the knee and ankle, as opposed to the standard way of stretching the knee.

A control group was instructed to not use any of the devices, and to simply lie on a flat surface.

In this control group, the researchers found that the average number of times they needed to use the PSS during the study was reduced by 15%, with most of the time going to stretch their knee.

The results are pretty incredible.

This study is amazing because they’ve really shown that you can actually change the effectiveness by using these different devices.

They’re able to improve the performance of these muscles in a number of ways.

The PSS actually improved their knee extensors.

The researchers said that the most important change was that the Pss could help reduce the pain of knee injuries.

This is very significant because a lot of injuries can lead to pain in the area of the affected area.

So the Piss system is able to reduce that pain, and that’s important because knee injuries are a lot more likely to happen if you have pain.

The PSS has also been shown to increase strength and endurance, and decrease strain and fatigue.

In short, the PSS actually improved the ability of the knees and ankle to contract.

The fact that the PSs were able to do that is pretty remarkable.

This research is exciting because it really suggests that you could really increase the performance and efficiency of these exercises and the effectiveness they have.

The result of all this research is that the knee is incredibly flexible.

It is so flexible that, at the moment, most athletes who train with these devices are not able to perform the knee exercises without having to use them.

The knee is the biggest and most important ligament in your body.

The ligaments are what connect your leg to the rest of your body, and if you don’t use them, you’ll have problems in your ankle and knees and a lot less range of motion.

But you can stretch the ligament and you can strengthen it with these different exercises, which is what they’re able do.

It’s amazing.

The benefits of these different types and devices can really be huge.

For example, if you’re running, your muscles will feel different.

You’ll have a different feel.

You can do more leg strength exercises.

You won’t have the problems of your knee getting stiff.

And you’ll be able to go through more training.

And it’s really a matter of having a healthy attitude, of having the confidence that you have that you’re able for the things that you want to do, and doing them safely.

If you have injuries, then you’re going to have problems because it’s going to be harder to get through the exercises if you can’t get the training done.

And for most of us, we’re going out of shape in general.

So it’s good to have some devices to help you get through those things.

So, in terms of the research that has been done on the knee injuries, the most critical thing for the future is that we have these devices, that we can really improve these muscles and help you do those exercises safely.

That’s really important.

In terms of what we can do with the PISS, it’s still a work in progress.

The BERU study looked specifically at the knee extenors.

As you can see in the above video, we don’t know how well this device is working for the knee or for the ankle, or what the effects would be on other muscles.

We don’t have data for the lower extremities.

So we don, at least in this study, have the ability to really evaluate how well the device works.

But we can certainly use the devices to enhance the function of the ankle and knee and help strengthen them.

What we’re trying to do is to figure out how to use these devices effectively in the field, to find out if they’re the right things to do in the future, and then to do more studies to really get to know these devices.

We’re still very early in the research, but we’re seeing improvement.

And in the meantime, we can continue to use PISS and to get better results.

What is PISS?

The PISS is a device that’s used by sports teams to help them perform better on the field.

The device has two arms, one that’s on the front

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