How to stop a flu infection from spreading from one person to another

Dr. David M. Stoye and his colleagues at the University of Florida are conducting an experiment to find out what happens when you inject flu vaccine into people.

The scientists are trying to find a way to prevent someone who is already infected from spreading the virus from getting another one.

The goal is to figure out if there is a way of stopping a person from spreading influenza if they are already infected.

Dr. Stoya says the vaccine is just one of many treatments being developed.

He says the most promising one is called an anti-microbial peptide, or AMP.

He’s been working on that project for several years.

“They are not only targeting the virus, but they are targeting the immune system,” Dr. M.

Stoya said.

“And we’re seeing, in some cases, that people who are already immune respond to these treatments.”

This new study is about how the vaccine works.

The study will be presented at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting in Atlanta this week.

Dr M.M. Stoys and his team are working with the University at Buffalo to find ways to deliver the vaccine to people who have not received the vaccine before.

It’s called the Focussive Flu Vaccine and is an antihistamine.

Dr Stoya said the goal of this study is to find an anti histamine that would be effective against flu and other viral infections.

He said the peptide has been tested in animals and people, and it works like this.

It binds to the surface of the virus and prevents it from replicating.

The researchers also used an antibody to detect flu viruses.

They have tested the peptides in animals.

In the animal tests, the peptises stopped flu virus replication and killed it.

“This is one of the most exciting things that we’re doing in the field,” Dr Stoys said.

The Focusesive Flu vaccine is a small amount of antihistamines that is injected into the lungs.

It helps keep the immune systems healthy and prevent infections.

The new study was conducted in mice.

It was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Follow the CBC-TV story on flu vaccine safety and vaccination in turkey here.

Dr James E. Gorman, the medical director of the University’s Center for Infectious Diseases, said flu is not a vaccine-induced flu, but it is a virus-induced one.

He called this a major problem.

“We have to stop the transmission of flu virus,” he said.

Dr. Gormann said that the vaccine has been shown to prevent flu and it does have some side effects.

“The main side effect is that people will have some soreness, and that’s when they should be wearing masks,” Dr Gorman said.

Dr Gorman said the vaccine may work for people who had already had the virus before getting it.

The vaccine is not perfect.

The virus may replicate again in the body and that could increase the risk of catching the flu again.

“It’s not perfect,” he added.

But, Dr Gomann said, the vaccine worked in people who were already infected with flu.

He noted that in this study, it didn’t show any side effects that were different from flu itself.

And Dr Gomeran said this vaccine could work even if the flu virus was still in the lungs, as the immune response is so strong.

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