How to keep your back pain from getting worse with a physical therapy plan

A new type of physical therapy is being developed that will treat back pain by applying heat and pressure.

The technique, called carnegie physiology, has been developed by the Carnegie Centre for Applied Physiology and Rehabilitation (CARPAR).

This week, a paper on the research was published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

The research is led by Dr Chris Wainwright from the University of Leeds, and involves applying heat to the spine using an electromagnetic device.

The researchers believe that the method will have a big impact on the way that people with back pain feel in the future.

“Our study was designed to find a way of using heat to treat back injuries, to try to reduce the severity of pain, and to find out what kind of injuries people are more likely to have, and the kind of pain they are more prone to,” Dr Wainwood said.

“This is an exciting new way of working and it’s going to be used in future to try and reduce pain and improve quality of life.”

The researchers have been working on this new method since 2014.

They found that they could reduce pain with about two weeks of intensive care, and that this improved the patient’s overall quality of care by more than half.

“We had patients in intensive care that were in really bad pain,” Dr Tanya Goggin from CARPAR said.

She said that the heat technique could be applied to more severe injuries and to older people who are unable to move around without the use of a wheelchair.

“In this case, they are doing all their rehabilitation with the assistance of a wheelchair, so it is not just the physical therapist that is involved, but also the patient and their carers,” she said.

This method also helps reduce the risk of further injury.

“The main idea here is to use this method to help people in pain get better, and we are hoping that this will reduce their pain levels,” Dr Goggan said.

Dr Wainwyld said that CARPARS researchers had identified about 1,000 patients who had experienced back pain that they were able to treat.

“It is a new technique, but it has a very big impact, so we want to see if this can be used more widely,” he said.

“This method, combined with the use in other areas of physical medicine and rehabilitation, is an important step forward in reducing back pain.”

The research has been funded by the British Medical Research Council (BMC) National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), and is published in The International Journal Of Sports Medicine (IJSM).

The researchers are also collaborating with Dr Wainson on a paper in the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery.

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