Why your chest is so important to your health

Posted April 08, 2019 06:23:53 It’s an amazing chest, but it’s also the source of some of your most serious health problems.

The structure of your chest allows the air to flow through your lungs, which is why it can be hard to breathe.

But if you’re over 50 and you’re regularly exercising, you may also have chest pain.

You can also be prone to chest pain in older people, which can be aggravated by chest discomfort in pregnancy or during childbirth.

And while you’re more likely to develop heart disease or lung cancer if you have a chest problem, you’re also more likely not to be at risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, or other heart problems.

Your chest is also home to your blood vessels, so it’s important to manage this vital organ.

The problem Your heart can’t pump properly through your chest.

Your heart has two chambers: one in your chest and one at your heart.

Your lungs and heart are connected by a series of veins.

When you breathe, air flows from your lungs to your heart via your chest wall.

The blood in your lungs then travels to your body via your heart and your arteries, the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

If you have heart disease and/or lung cancer, your heart muscle can’t work as well as it should.

The chest muscles have two important functions: pumping air through the body and controlling blood pressure.

Pumping air through your body When you breath, the air you exhale travels from your chest through your throat to your lungs.

The air that comes out of your mouth, nose, and ears is called air from your mouth.

Air from your ears goes through your nose to your sinuses, which then go through your mouth to your ears.

The lungs are a small, flexible tube with an opening that allows air to come in.

The smaller the opening, the greater the volume of air that can pass through it.

Your sinuses are made up of two layers, one for your blood, and one for the water in your body.

The size of the opening is controlled by the size of your lungs and the size and shape of your heart, which are at opposite ends of your body when you’re breathing.

The heart is connected to your stomach via a valve, which has three valves.

The valves that make up the valve walls are connected to each other through the ventricles.

These connect the valve in the middle of the stomach to the valve that makes up the middle ventricle.

When your heart beats, the valves in the ventricular zone pump blood out of the body through the valves on either side of the heart.

When the heart beats through these valves, blood travels from the lungs to the heart through the arteries.

Your blood travels to the brain through a series, which carry oxygen to your brain cells.

Your brain cells contain oxygen and a protein called beta-endorphin.

When beta-epoxy binds to these proteins in the brain, it releases the chemicals needed for the body to make new cells.

When these chemicals are released, they form new blood vessels.

This causes blood to move through the veins in your neck, causing your heart to pump more oxygen to the cells in your heart so your heart can beat more quickly.

When oxygen reaches the cells, it can then pass through the lungs, through the heart and through your sinus to the muscles in your arms and legs.

The muscles in the arms and leg muscles contract, which pushes blood to your head.

The body then pumps this blood to the tissues of your head and neck, which keeps the blood from going to the lungs.

You need to keep breathing because when you exhaling air, it also makes more blood in the lungs and blood vessels in your sinUSes, which moves to the other side of your brain and causes the blood flow to increase.

When blood from the blood vessel in your head moves to your legs, it makes more oxygen in your blood and causes more blood flow through the muscles of your legs and arms.

Your breathing causes the muscles to relax, allowing the blood to flow to your muscles.

This helps to keep your body and brain healthy.

The problems Chest pain can occur anywhere from the base of your neck to the tip of your toes.

Chest pain in younger people may be caused by pain in the muscle in the back of the neck or lower back.

This may be due to the fact that older people may have pain in their muscles in their lower back, shoulders, or back.

In older people with chest pain, there may be pressure in the lower back or other parts of the spine.

Pain can also occur in the muscles that support your back.

For example, a tight muscle in your hip joint may make it difficult to walk.

If the pain is so severe, it may even lead to loss of your ability to walk by lying down.

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