NEW YORK (AP) For a time, the health care workers who have helped patients recovering from stroke, heart attack and other brain injuries have been treated as relics of the past.

But the professionals say they’re being protected from the fallout of President Donald Trump’s proposed health care overhaul.

That’s despite the fact that Trump is targeting the workforce, threatening to cut federal funding for the profession, which was created by a 1921 law and has a $1.4 trillion budget.

The health care workforce is a key part of the American healthcare system, but many people still see them as the last of the line in the line to work, said Dr. John McManus, a stroke rehabilitation specialist who has worked in New York for decades.

“There is this notion that we’ve become so dependent on our profession that it’s not worth the risk,” McManuses said.

“We’re just trying to be there for people when they need us.

And they’re not just getting a job.”

McManus said that while the medical community is increasingly worried about the impact of the Trump administration’s budget cuts on the workforce’s finances, there are plenty of health care professionals who remain optimistic.

The majority of medical staff in the United States are currently insured, he said.

Some doctors, for example, still get reimbursed by insurance companies for out-of-pocket costs such as travel.

But some doctors say the cuts will make it harder for them to continue providing services that are needed to keep their families healthy.

Some of the most visible and outspoken advocates for the medical workforce have been retired or retired employees of the pharmaceutical industry who are fighting the budget cuts.

A handful of retired doctors who are working for the pharmaceutical company Merck have gone on a hunger strike to demand that the government provide better medical care.

The union representing medical staff is backing the demands of the retired doctors and is also pushing for the government to pay more for medical services.

The National Physicians Alliance said in a statement it is not interested in paying the pharmaceutical companies more money, but wants more care.

“While it may seem like a small price to pay for some of our members, the pharmaceutical and health care industries have not paid their dues,” said the union’s executive director, Mark Derevak.

“Their actions are a direct threat to the health and safety of American families.”

The union says the health insurance companies have not yet paid the retired physicians for medical care they have provided.

Derevack said the industry has spent more than $200 million lobbying Congress to protect their financial interests.

While there are no statistics on how many people are receiving care from the health professionals, many retired doctors say they have seen a surge in cases of stroke in the past year, which is the first time the profession has seen a spike in stroke.

The U.S. Surgeon General has also expressed concern about the cuts, and the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have both warned that the health system may lose funding.

McManuses is concerned that some of his colleagues are not being paid as much as they should be.

I’ve seen people get paid less than they should have been, he says.

“The industry has been a very good example of that.”

The medical profession has historically relied heavily on patients’ medical records, and those records are now being thrown out because they are inaccurate, McManaus said.

The problem, he adds, is that people have no idea what the records actually contain.

McManaus also worries that the cuts are likely to leave many retired medical staff without the support of their loved ones, including their spouses and children.

“I think the whole system is going to go out the window,” he said, noting that some retirees who had been caring for their patients have been replaced by nurses, nurse practitioners and other health care aides.

McMannus is optimistic, however.

He is not looking to retire anytime soon.

There is a lot of work to do, he plans to stay in the profession.

If I have to take a job I don’t want, I’m willing to do it,” he says, adding that he will continue to work at his job until the health sector is saved.

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