Meet the team who are changing the world of sports medicine: The Milltown Physiotherapy Clinic

By LESTER PACEHOUSE-PATRICIAM,Associated PressAssociated PressThe Milltown physiotherapist says he’s seen the impact of the opioid crisis.

He says he knows first-hand the devastating effects on people’s lives when they are unable to access proper care.

The medical team at Milltown has helped hundreds of people since it opened its doors in May.

The first day of classes was Aug. 3.

The clinic has been open for more than a year and is staffed by medical professionals.

It’s one of only a handful of full-service physiotherapy clinics in the country.

“We’ve had a couple of people in the clinic who have gone on to go on to have a successful careers,” said Milltown medical director Steve Loomis.

Milltown’s practice is one of the few in the nation that provides specialized physiotherapy care to people who have lost their jobs, struggled with addiction and other issues.

The clinics has been able to expand its services to cover people with chronic pain, depression, anxiety and other medical conditions.

Millton’s clinic has a waiting list for people with medical issues but has already helped more than 3,000 people with pain, says Dr. Lisa Loomisa, the clinic’s medical director.

It has been overwhelmed with patients.

“They’re really, really excited, and they’re very motivated to get the care they need,” she said.

Millstead was among several towns and cities across the country to close their health care systems, citing a surge in opioid overdoses, including at least one fatal overdose in Tennessee.

MillTown also was one of five Pennsylvania hospitals that were forced to shut down because of opioid addiction and overdoses.

The other hospitals are in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.

The MillTown clinic is one small piece of a growing movement among people seeking the medical care they seek when they’re unable to get it at home.

That’s especially important now, as the opioid epidemic continues to spread.

Millland and other local clinics are one part of a broader movement to offer services like physiotherapy to people suffering from opioid addiction.

Many people have come to Milltown because they’ve been prescribed opioids by friends or family members.

Many people say they need physiotherapy because they are so overwhelmed by their pain, their depression and their other medical issues.

But a growing number of people are saying they also want the care that they’re entitled to because they’re disabled.

The opioid crisis has hit Milltown hard, and it has had an impact on people.

“The number of opioid overdoses that we’ve seen, I don’t think we’ve ever seen that in the history of the Milltown Clinic,” Loomises said.

Loomis said MillTown is a small part of the movement that’s pushing people to get help for chronic pain and other ailments.

“People are not always willing to say that they need to be treated for a chronic pain disorder, and people may be afraid of saying that they may be prescribed opioids,” Lomisa said.

“We want to provide that kind of care to all people.”

The Millington clinic was able to increase the number of visits to its website by 70 percent last year.

Milltown says its staff has made significant progress in getting more people to the clinic.

The number of prescriptions filled by Milltown’s staff last year increased by 30 percent.

Millions of Americans are now receiving help from a variety of programs, from home visits to prescription drugs.

Many of these programs are run by small businesses that help people access the care and services they need.

But MillTown’s clinic is just one of a handful offering physiotherapy and other care to addicts and others struggling with chronic illnesses.

Mill Town’s medical staff says it’s the first clinic in the U.S. to offer physiotherapy in a non-profit setting.

MillTown opened in Milltown, Pennsylvania, in May of 2017.

The medical team works with people who are addicted to opioids, are unemployed and have other medical problems.

MillMilltown has about 300 full-time residents and 50 part-time staff.

The facility has an office and a clinic, as well as a home office.

Patients can choose from a wide variety of physiotherapy options.

Millington’s staff also provides treatment in MillTown, as part of its addiction treatment program.

MillCity, a local nonprofit, is working with MillTown to expand the clinic and offer physiotherapists a variety and specialized treatment options.

“Physiotherapy is something that’s been done for a long time and I think it’s something that can be very beneficial to people,” said Dr. Paul Sousa, MillCity’s senior medical director and chief of physiotherapeutic services.

“In the past, physiotherapy has just been a standard way of addressing the pain of those who have a chronic illness,”

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