How to fix the problem of missing physio logos for your phone, tablet, or TV app

As most people who use their phones or tablets to do their work know, the apps that work best for them don’t all work the same.

Some of the most common are: • Google Docs • OneNote • OneDrive • Skype • Slack • Slack Plus • OneLogin • Todoist • Trello • Vue • Zapier • Treble • Vimeo • WeChat • Zendesk • • Twitter • Facebook • • Viber • VNC • Skype for Windows 10 • WhatsApp • WhatsApp Plus • Skype on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile • XMPP • • YouTube • Facebook Messenger • Facebook Groups • Twitter and LinkedIn • Twitter or LinkedIn Pro • Slack• Skype for iOS • Facebook or Google Apps • Google Voice • Google Groups • Facebook and Google Hangouts • Google Talk • Twitter XMPC • Google Drive • Dropbox • Dropbox on Windows and Windows Phone • WhatsApp• Facebook Messenger Pro• Slack or Google Groups• Google Voice on iOS and Android • Facebook on Windows Phone• WhatsApp Plus• Skype on iOS• Facebook Groups• Facebook on Android• Google Hangout• Google Talk• Google Chat• Google Messaging• Google Calendar• Google Keyboard• Google Contacts•• Slack• Slack Plus• Facebook XMPE• Dropbox• Dropbox on Android and Windows 8.1 and 10• Google Apps on Android* • Slack and Google Groups on Windows* • Facebook XAML• WhatsApp and Google Talk* • Google Calendar on Windows** • Google Contabs on Android** • Facebook Teams** • Skype and Google Teams**• Google Messenger XAMI on Windows 8** • Slack XAMU on Windows8.1** • YouTube XAMP• Google+ XAMPTor Google Voice XAMPPoem on iOS** • Vudu and YouTube* on iOS

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